Driver’s License Reinstatement

Reinstating a driver’s license after past mistakes can be a big victory in someone’s life. But the process is not an easy one.  Without an experienced attorney, a quick reinstatement is difficult and even more difficult if you to try and go it alone. Many fail on their first attempt because they do not fully understand the process or what is really expected. Get the best. Ryan Waters and his legal team at Dodson & Waters are highly experienced at working driver’s license reinstatement cases.


Why Dodson & Waters a driver’s license reinstatement?

Trying to file the petition without being an attorney involves a lot of paperwork, and that is only the first step. At Dodson & Waters, we know how the system works and can cut through the non-attorney steps. Furthermore, we work hard to know and keep good relationships with the people involved in the process.

We start with reviewing your driving record and conviction history. Most of all proper document preparation and careful review of all the evidence you need is key to your success. Preparing the necessary letters and making sure that the proper documents are filed in the right offices is also essential.

Prior to the hearing, we go over all the questions we anticipate to be sure you know exactly what to expect. This includes questions that are particular to your case and the questions we can expect from the officers of the court due to our experience.

At the hearing, Mr. Waters will conduct the examination and present the evidence. Why go it alone and risk months of wasted time and energy? Have the best at your side, contact Dodson & Waters and schedule an appointment today.


Things to remember…

Without an attorney accessing the course and filing documents is more difficult.

The only way to increase the likelihood of your driver’s license reinstatement success is to hire an attorney who knows the process and the people.

Our familiarity with the system allows us to process reinstatements quickly.