Everyone remembers a time when they were out for a drink with friends or having a good time at a party. The DWI/DUI trouble starts when people drive home afterward when they shouldn’t have. A driving while intoxicated (DWI) or a diving under the influence (DUI) charge has serious consequences. The penalties can take away your license and sometimes your job. This makes getting your rights back extremely expensive; unless you have the right attorneys. Dodson & Waters has the right strategy to help you find the best possible outcome for your situation.


Why Dodson & Waters for DWI/DUI accusations?

Considering the danger to other people as well as yourself, no one should ever drive impaired. Any depressant medication or drugs like heroin, Oxycontin, or Xanax, can have effects similar to alcohol. But if a mistake is made, keep in mind DWI/DUI charges are easy cases for the state to prove.

Even though stimulants and marijuana haven’t been proven to significantly affect driving, that doesn’t mean that you are safe. Some law enforcement personnel will prosecute you for having them in your blood. Even if the effects have already passed. This is especially true if the defendant’s lawyer does not have real trial reputation and experience. Inexperienced lawyers rarely know the intricate details of DWI/DUI law and evidence that put the state’s case to the strictest test.

The vast majority of DWI/DUI cases are defended to acquittal or won on a technical defense. But if a case cannot be won there are still options. Experienced lawyers know how to seek other punishments, treatment programs, and take advantage of insurance and traffic laws. This helps achieve the best possible resolution to a DWI/DUI case.

Be sure that you have the experienced attorneys you need.  Contact Dodson & Waters for your free consultation today.



Things to remember …

If impaired by alcohol or another substance, don’t drive.

The law requires that you take the breathalyzer and answer any questions at the police station. And even then only after the officer reads you the warning that you’ll lose your license if you don’t.

You are not required by law to take any field sobriety tests until you are at the police station and you have been read the warning. This includes the alphabet, walking a line, follow-the-pencil/finger, the portable breath test, or any other type of sobriety test.

It is not advised to take this type of test until you’ve gotten legal advice.  Call (573) 636-9200 as soon as you see the lights come on if you think you might be accused of DWI/DUI.