Child and Sex Abuse

Child abuse and sex charges likely have more stigma than any other type of crime.  In a perfect world, these things would never happen. But this is also an area of law where false accusations are frequent. If not effectively represented the mere accusation of a sex crime can ruin your, or a loved one’s, life. You need an attorney who protects your rights.  You also need peace of mind that your story is fairly told. Call Dodson & Waters and gain peace of mind if you even suspect you might be accused of such crimes.


Why Dodson & Waters for child and sex abuse accusations?

Dodson & Waters attorneys attend national organizations and seminars designed to keep serious defense lawyers up on the latest techniques and strategies. They see maybe three or four other Missouri lawyers at these national conferences. Simply put, sex and child abuse cases are some the most difficult cases to defend. There are a number of journeyman trial lawyers practicing who have no business taking these types of cases, and the proof is in their results.

Attorneys at Dodson & Waters know that testimony from alleged victims is often key to the prosecution’s case, and they have the skills to effectively cross-examine the witnesses and allow you to communicate your version of events. Child abuse crimes are often complicated, and accusations can come at the prompting of an angry parent. Sex abuse crimes can also be an attack on person’s character without any real merit. Many people misuse terms and don’t know the law.

If you have been charged with a child or sex abuse offense, you want an experienced defense lawyer.  Because it takes knowledge and experience to thoroughly cross-examine the alleged victim. Most of all you need to be sure you get to tell your side of the story. Dodson & Waters will defend your reputation and protect your rights.

Call Dodson & Waters to get solid experience and sound strategy on your side the moment you think you may be accused of a sex or child abuse crime.

Things to remember…

Call a sex crime or child abuse defense lawyer the moment you think you might be accused of such a crime because the accusation alone can be damaging.

Do not make any statement, even if you know you are innocent and are just trying to make your case.

Sex crimes and child abuse crimes can be expensive due to the nature of these cases and the amount of attorney work involved. Be sure to find an attorney who is known for fair work for fair pay.