Landlord-Tenant Law

When renting a space to live or do business in everyone prefers it when things go smoothly. But we have all heard stories about tenants not paying rent or landlords not keeping up the property. If there is a dispute it is best to know the law and follow the proper procedures. Taking matters into your own hands can put either you as either the landlord or the tenant at legal risk. Hire a firm who knows landlord-tenant law, call Dodson & Waters.


Why Dodson & Waters for landlord-tenant law?

We have experience working with both landlords and tenants in a range of complex real estate matters, including overcharges and evictions. Dodson & Waters handles both commercial and residential landlord-tenant law matters.

Landlord-tenant law often involves a careful review of the lease agreement as well as the local statutes. Negotiation is essential in resolving many real estate matters. Sometimes the simple weight of a phone call from an attorney can bring a reluctant party to the table. When negotiations fail or a party continues to fail to honor their end of an agreement then it is time to turn to litigation.

Dodson & Waters is committed to quality work. Because of this, we are selective in choosing cases. We purposefully limit our caseload in order to provide our clients the highest level of legal service possible.

Call Dodson & Waters and find out if we are available to represent you in your landlord-tenant issue.

Things to remember…

Trials are expensive. With good negotiation and proper operation procedures, your time in the courtroom should be limited.

Be sure you know the law before trying to find your own solution to your problem.

A good landlord-tenant attorney should have a good reputation with both landlords and tenants as well as with the bar.