Business Law

Running a successful private business is not only liberating but good for the whole community. But far too often a local business fails due to a scandalous lawsuit. Waiting to hire a business lawyer only when being sued can be a mistake.  Hiring a business lawyer in the beginning and maintaining an ongoing relationship helps evade possible legal problems before they happen. Have Dodson & Waters on your side when you form your business and see what experience in business law can do for you.


Why Dodson & Waters for business law?

Business law has two main sides, litigation and transactional. The litigation side deals with business lawsuits while the transactional side sets up and advises businesses so they can strategically avoid potential lawsuits.

At Dodson & Waters we focus on the transactional side. A good business lawyer is like a good mechanic, they detect problems before they start. This extends beyond contracts and deals.

A good business lawyer can also help you manage risk, be it tax risk, competitors, rules and regulations, staff issues, or other internal problems. At Dodson & Waters, we help form and customize small businesses, LLCs, and S-corporations and look out for your potential risk.

When it comes to the litigation side, most small businesses make mistakes and get into trouble with their employment practices. Legal advice upfront can stop these types of cases from happening. Common potential claims include:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Age, disability, race, and sex discrimination
  • Violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Violations of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Unfortunately, these types of cases regularly cause small businesses go bankrupt due to legal fees. Payroll taxes are also a common reason for small businesses failing. Call Dodson & Waters and get the experienced business attorney advise you need before you these problems put your business at risk.


Things to remember…

It costs less to stop future lawsuits before they start. Before you even open for business it is best to have your legal house in order.

You want a fighter in a lawsuit. It’s your future. Be sure you find a lawyer who will fight for you rather than phone it in.

Contracts are all about the details. If you truly want to write a law-binding contract you need a lawyer who knows business and the law. One bad clause can sink the whole ship.

Attorneys focus on areas of law for a reason, the law is complicated. An experienced business lawyer will know what to look out for from having already dealt with so many similar business cases.

Things move faster if your lawyer knows your business. If you don’t have a business lawyer already you could find yourself dealing with the frustrations of a lawsuit while at the same time trying to find a lawyer. A lawyer who knows your business already will have the familiarity needed to move quickly.