Traffic Tickets and Violations

A bit of bad luck (or bad driving) can put ordinary drivers at risk of having a license suspended or revoked. Traffic violations also come with costs and can affect your insurance. We’re always willing to discuss what we can do to keep routine tickets off your record. Contact us at Dodson & Waters and come see if we can help in a way that is affordable.

Why Dodson & Waters for traffic tickets and violations?

The attorneys at Dodson & Waters have seen just about every type of traffic ticket situation imaginable. They also know the long-term consequences of traffic violations.

Having a license suspended or revoked can be a major setback in a person’s life. Not being able to drive can make it difficult to maintain a job and interfere with being a parent. There may be other options that we can fight for other than a suspended or revoked license.

Your driving record can also affect your insurance rates. At Dodson & Waters we will review your case carefully and be sure to make sure whether or not it’s cost-effective to fight a ticket.

Things to remember…

Court fees can cost less than an insurance hike in the long run.

We will always be honest with you about your case and if it is cost-effective to action or not.