Violent Crimes

When people get angry, they make mistakes and sometimes even turn to violence, perhaps in self-defense, perhaps not. Jail time and expensive fines are often involved in violent crime charges. Naturally, the best legal advice is to avoid violence. But if you made a mistake or were protecting yourself, you need strong representation. Dodson & Waters is known for helping people possibly avoid the dire penalties that come with a violent crime charge.


Why Dodson & Waters for violent crime accusations?

Domestic violence cases carry consequences. Losing your job, decades of jail time and expensive fines are common in violent crime cases. But your reputation with your family, friends, and the community is also on the line.


You need a lawyer with trial experience in domestic violence, assault, and violent crime cases. This includes self-defense and defense-of-others cases. This expertise can help you get past an accusation of violence in the best possible shape. Experienced trial lawyers know that officers often act on the word of the complaining witness, without getting the whole story. The term “(s)he said, (s)he said” often applies.


Dodson & Waters has won these types of cases before via acquittal at trial, a reasonable plea bargain, or deferral. Because of negotiation, backed by reputation, we can fight for a more positive outcome for you. Call us and get Dodson & Waters on your side.

Things to remember…

If accused of a violent crime, call (573) 636-9200 for advice, before discussing it with anyone else.

Exercise your right to remain silent, no matter what they promise you.

Do not consent to any searches, just say no thank you.