Drug Crimes

We have all heard a story about someone with a habit that they couldn’t control and how it ruined their life. But the darker version of the story involves a drug charge arrest. Drug charges come with penalties and consequences that are absolutely devastating for everyone involved. When facing drug charges you need skilled attorneys, like those you’ll find at Dodson & Waters


Why Dodson & Waters for drug crime accusations?

At Dodson & Waters we know how to make the state work hard to cover every potential weakness in their evidence. We are also experts in search and seizure law. This is key in getting better plea offers, deferrals, or other favorable outcomes. Our reputation for trying cases considered unwinnable by some is also important.


We know that drug cases are often fueled by a defendant’s addiction. In these cases, it’s possible to push for remedies such as drug court, treatment programs, deferrals, and probations. At times they may even be able to prevent a criminal record. At Dodson and Waters’ we know how to preserve jobs and employability, and your voting and gun rights. But most importantly we try to help a defendant in fighting their addiction, the medical issue at the root of many drug cases.


By hiring Dodson & Waters you are gaining legal knowledge and expertise but also reputation in the courts. These factors will help you get the best possible outcome for your situation. Why risk hiring another firm when so much is at stake?


Things to remember…

If law officers come to your door or stops your car, and you believe they might accuse you of a crime or other wrongdoing;

  1. call (573)636-9200 immediately.
  2. exercise your right to remain silent, no matter what they promise you.
  3. and do not consent to any searches, just say no thank you.

“If you don’t admit it’s yours, it’s not in your plain sight, and your fingerprints aren’t on it, they’ll have a hard time connecting it to you if you’re well represented.” – Daniel Dodson