Theft and Burglary

Theft Lawyer in Jefferson City, MO

Some people down on their luck might make a desperate call and turn to thieving. Teens make mistakes and swipe a bottle of alcohol, or try to walk out of a store with stylish sunglasses on a dare. Some people trust the wrong person and find themselves storing stolen property for someone they thought was a friend. No matter the situation there are many potential remedies other than jail time that can satisfy the system for theft and burglary accusations. Dodson & Waters has the experience to fight for you.


Why Dodson & Waters for theft and burglary accusations?

Defense of theft, burglary, and property crime accusations requires a unique skillset. In-depth knowledge of search and seizure law often comes into play.  Also, a basic ability to understand statistics, numbers and mathematical concepts, (rare, it seems, among lawyers) is also essential.

Fortunately, there are several ways to defend property offense charges like theft and burglary. The police typically obtain evidence for a property through a search. We carefully review the police procedures used to see if the evidence collected may be inadmissible in your trial.

Paying careful attention all of to discovery beyond the collection of evidence is also important. This allows us to find potential weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. But, to find those weaknesses one has to be expert in all the elements that prosecution must prove.

So if you are falsely accused or made a mistake, get the experience you need on your side. Contact Dodson & Waters today.

Things to remember…

Only talk to your attorney. If you think you are being accused of a theft, burglary, receiving stolen property, or any other theft or property crimes don’t talk to anyone until you’ve talked to a qualified lawyer.

Also, never consent to search if asked. Just say no thank you.