Weapon Crimes

Many people in Missouri like to hunt or carry a firearm for personal protection. While most people are responsible with their firearms, mistakes can be made and a weapon can be accidentally discharged. Sometimes there are stand-alone possession weapon crimes.  But if a drug or violent crime is committed with a weapon involved the penalties are often more severe. If you are charged with a weapon related crime of any kind, Dodson & Waters has the experience needed to make the best of your case.

Why Dodson & Waters for weapon crime accusations?

Missouri is a conceal carry state that also has some specific “stand your ground” rules. But often times people, even the police, are not as familiar with them as they think they are. Dodson & Waters has the expertise to know the specifics of these rules and how to use them in a criminal defense case.

Even when a firearm goes off accidentally there is a good chance someone is going to be charged with a crime. Without proper legal representation, a simple mistake could cost you your gun rights.

The worst case scenario is that you have been accused of a violent or drug-related crime that involves a weapon. It is in these situations that an experienced criminal attorney is a must. Without proper representation, you could wind up facing severe penalties as well as losing your gun rights.

Things to remember…

If you think you might be accused of a drug crime don’t say anything to anyone other than your attorney. Not even the police.

Don’t consent to any search if you have something to hide or not. If asked for consent to search, just say no thank you.