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No one ever said life was easy. We all work hard for ourselves and our loved ones. But without the right planning, an unforeseen death or illness can put everything at risk. Many firms provide estate planning, such as wills and trusts. Others focus on aspects of elder law, like Medicaid planning and asset protection.  Dodson & Waters has the advantage of providing both of these services.

Why Dodson & Waters for estates and trusts?

We all have to plan for the inevitability of death. But what we never see coming is becoming disabled ourselves or seeing it happen to a loved one. That’s why an experienced and expert estates and trust attorney is necessary. After all, an estate plan is not really useful if all your assets are lost to nursing home bills. That’s why you need elder law components to protect your assets.

Also, there can be problems if an elder law plan for disability it the estate fails to keep the assets in the bloodline. Do you fear estranged family or inlaws getting more than those who really need it? Then you may want to think about an inheritance trust. At Dodson & Waters, we believe in not only solid estate planning for eventual death, but also in a client’s need for elder law planning for possible disability.

Understanding your family dynamics and your wishes is the first step in setting up an estate or trust. Reviewing any prior estate planning documents you may have is the second. Compiling a complete list of your assets, their value, how they are titled and qualified is the third step. An important part of this step is reviewing all of the beneficiaries. Determining who should be appointed to handle medical, legal, and financial matters in case of incapacity or death is the fourth step. Finally, we meet with you to review everything and advise you on how to transfer investment titles and property to the trust.

Dodson & Waters works to cater to working-class families and make sure our rates are affordable. When planning for your future, call us and set up your free consultation. Discover how we are the right estate and trust firm for you.

Things to remember…

Inheritance Trusts are the new trend. Keeping the inheritance in the bloodline, rather inlaws or estranged family members is what these trusts do best.

An inheritance trust can protect your assets from your child’s spouse in the event of divorce.

An inheritance trust can protect your assets from creditors in the event of a lawsuit or other financial hardship.

If you have the tragic early loss of a child, an inheritance trust makes sure the unused assets will go to your blood relatives (usually grandchildren) instead of to in-laws or others.