Real Estate

We can all remember the sense of satisfaction and freedom of getting a place of our own. But buying or selling a home, or perhaps a property for a business is a whole other matter.  The real estate process is complicated. Also, there are possible ownership issues that can pop up after the sale to keep in mind. Don’t go it alone. Dodson & Waters will look out for your interests, ensure the title to the property is clear, and help you take care of the many issues that could arise after the sale.

Why Dodson & Waters for real estate law?

Because the system is complex it’s important to have a good attorney who can explain the process clearly. We love explaining this process and often suggest some options you might not have considered. If you are the buyer we will draft an appropriate document or review one prepared by a possible seller.  We look for potential problems, make sure that it is written properly, and ensure that all the various contingencies are covered.

You have options about how to set up the title like joint tenancy, tenancy in common, etc. Because of that, we are ready to explain all the pros and cons of these different options in detail. We also happily address issues not covered by title insurance or a title examination.  These issues can include zoning ordinances and other land-use restrictions, and water, sewer, and special assessment liens.

The closing process requires more steps. This includes a title search or title insurance binder, checking title’s status, and requiring the seller to correct any possible title issues. We also prepare the deed or review an existing one. In addition, we prepare any other closing or mortgage documents. Finally, we take care of creating any necessary bill of sale to cover any personal property included in the sale.

There are other issues you may need to consider such as architectural approvals, property boundaries, and easements. you might have view impairment, neighbor disputes, or privacy issues.  Protecting your property is also important, we can help with leasing development, construction defects, and environmental hazards. Real estate issues don’t end there, we also handle land use, zoning, subdividing, eminent domain, inverse condemnation, permitting, eminent domain issues.

Ensure your real estate issues are in good hands. Call and set up an appointment with Dodson & Waters today.


Things to remember…

Real estate contracts are complicated if either a buyer or a seller you want an expert to read the deeds and titles.

Be sure you know the pros and cons of the various title tenancy options like joint tenancy or tenancy in common before you sign.

Having neighbor disputes, privacy issues, issues with architectural approvals or property boundaries? We can help.